• Don Sands

    Don Sands

  • Michael Mangis

    Michael Mangis

    Straight, cis, white male that’s bored with all that. Ex-Evangelical professor recovering through the use of snark, irony, and sarcasm, deal with it.

  • Tim Rymel, M.Ed.

    Tim Rymel, M.Ed.

    Dad, husband, writer. Rethinking Everything (2018), Going Gay (2014), https://www.amazon.com/Tim-Rymel/e/B009985VO4/ref=dp_byline_cont_book_1

  • Shoshana Sharon

    Shoshana Sharon

  • Andrea Shannon Beck

    Andrea Shannon Beck

  • Bill Lyerly

    Bill Lyerly

    Free Thinker and Exvangelical. Undoing 40 years of toxic religion that shaped me as an adult. Spiritual non-theist with a new outlook on life. Liberating.

  • Missionário


    Conteúdo gratuito para pregadores cristãos e adoradores em busca do aperfeiçoamento dos seus entendimentos sobre as escrituras sagradas.

  • Matthew Wyskiel

    Matthew Wyskiel

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